Strategic Pricing Management
Originally published: 22/09/2020 09:15
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Strategic Pricing Management

Strategic Pricing Management is the process of consistently making optimal pricing decisions.

Strategic Pricing Management is the process of integrating all perspectives and information necessary to consistently arrive at optimal pricing decisions. With Strategic Pricing Management, our company can boost our performance in maximizing earnings.

As our company grows, our list of products and services increase in size and complexity. Greater challenge calls for a Pricing Management that can boost our company's profitability.

The concept of Pricing is relevant in the business world. It consolidates itself as a price execution and a charging practice that captures the highest value from each customer segment. The 6 key pillars provide the basic structure to our pricing function. It comprises from strategy to sales excellence to seek the highest profitability. This presentation discusses how these 6 key pillars of Strategic Pricing Management can provide our company the basic framework in achieving sustainable growth.

1. Pricing Strategy
2. Price Execution
3. Advanced Analyses and Pricing
4. Corporate Governance and Alignment
5. Technology and Data Management
6. Tax and Regulatory Effectiveness

The 6 key pillars is an integrated approach to supporting good Pricing practices.

We also discuss 9 key Strategic Pricing Management considerations:

1. Organizational Structure
2. Customer Perceived Value
3. Pricing Strategy Approach
4. Price Segmentation
5. Pricing Practices
6. Sales Force Compensation
7. Pricing Policies
8. Digital Age Pricing
9. Pricing Trends

Other topics discussed include Pricing Operating Models, Challenges, Advantages, among others.

This deck also includes slide templates for you to use in your own business presentations.

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