Discount Cash Flow Template in Excel
Originally published: 21/03/2018 15:32
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Discount Cash Flow Template in Excel

This is a discounted cash flow (DCF) template with income statement, balance sheet, FCF calculation & FV calculation.

DCF is used to estimate the absolute value of a company. Valuation methods that are based on DCF models can determine stock prices in a more robust and different way. The aim of DCF models is to estimate the worth of the entire company. Comparing this 'intrinsic value' with the current market price of the stock allows a much better comparison.e.g. if you estimate that, based on a DCF model, a stock is worth £20, but its currently being traded at £10, you'll know that it's undervalued.

To estimate a stock's intrinsic value is a difficult task; it involves a lot of different variables that can be hard to estimate. However, valuations that are based on DCF models have a lot more flexibility than an individual ratio, and they permit an investor to incorporate assumptions regarding such factors like how risky the company is in general, the company's growth prospects, or whether or not its profit margins are likely to contract or expand.

* Please note that for each DCF that you do, the breakdown of the line-items on the financial statements will vary from company to company and ought to be customized accordingly.
* Please consult SEC filings, Bloomberg, or Google/Yahoo! Finance to obtain financial statement data.
* A rigorous DCF will further break down the conventional GAAP line items to incorporate even more granular assumptions. We strongly suggest that you do so.

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