SaaS DCF financial model – Complete Subscription Projection& DCF Valuation Analysis
Originally published: 17/05/2022 14:23
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SaaS DCF financial model – Complete Subscription Projection& DCF Valuation Analysis

Comprehensive SaaS financial models for a Live Streaming Subscription Startup.

This is a comprehensive SaaS financial models for a Live Streaming Subscription Startup company. This model is highly focused on the Subscription Revenue and five years DCF valuation analysis.

The model has been set up with four scenarios for key financial factors which will allow users to learn the profitability of the project under different circumstances. The model also provides high flexibility and customizability for user to modify the key factor to fit their own case.

The model is focused on the subscription revenue calculation process which is usually the challengeable task for the management or investors in analyzing a new SaaS project. The model started from the acquisition of users from different sources to the conversion of users to subscription and the final revenue. This calculation process will provide a clear image of how SaaS business model generate revenue and how it works.

The DCF valuation, sensitivity and ARPU analysis also help users to know clearly about the profitability and feasibility of the project.
With the above-mentioned characteristics, the model will be great helpful for investment decision on the potential SaaS – Subscription project use.

The model is created with single-sheet style to make the users’ experience more comfortable and to avoid inaccurate linkage. To customize the model, users can simply modify the inputs in color BLUE (in 1.Assumption part the inputs are blue with background of light yellow). The result will be automatically updated.

The template is greatly user-friendly either for professional analysts or for users with little experience of financial modeling since its simply design pattern and easy to follow logic. The model will provide useful information and be helpful for decision making.

The single-sheet template has been divided into 9 parts which are
1. Assumptions
2. Scenarios
3. Users & Subscriptions
4. Revenue
5. Profit & Loss Projection
6. Calculation
7. DCF valuation
8. Sensitivity

To guarantee the users satisfaction, the model does not place any complicated formulas or VBA code. The structure and content have been created following the Best Financial Modeling Principles and considering the high level of flexibility and user-friendly in priority.

Please feel no hesitate to contact us if you experience any problem when using the models provided.

In addition, if you need a customized model for your specific business, please just let us know and we would be happy to help you with this.

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