The One Page Business Plan
  • The One Page Business Plan
  • The One Page Business Plan
Originally published: 04/08/2016 14:55
Last version published: 26/01/2018 15:52
Publication number: ELQ-92800-3
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The One Page Business Plan

Have in a single page, the essentials of your future business in a very organized manner

We've all heard of those entrepreneurs who started their incredible venture by scribbling down their ideas on a napkin at a bar, and then going on to be rather successful. Want something along the same lines but a tad more organised?

Look no further! This simplified business plan template from $100 Startup is intended to provide you entrepreneurs who can't wait to get started, with a initial plan from where you can begin your new venture. By asking a few basic questions, it can establish your basic goals and business parameters, all in one single page.

You should aim to answer each question in less than two sentences - in this case, shorter is better!

This business tool includes
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