9-Box Matrix Template: Performance vs Potential
Originally published: 25/01/2018 14:34
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9-Box Matrix Template: Performance vs Potential

Performance vs Potential 9 box matrix to help you identify what stage employees are at in their professional development

Th 9-box model is commonly used in succession planning and development processes for evaluating performance vs potential. The tool has been in the public domain for a long time, however there are few people who really understand its value when developing a leadership team and planning for the future.

This model has attained widespread popularity mainly due to its effectiveness and its simplicity. In general, it is very successful, and only really fails when communication fails. It is composed of 9 boxes compiled on a grid with an x and a y axis. Along the x axis, performance is measured, whilst on the y axis, potential is measured. The highest achievement is the top right box, meaning the candidate ranks highly in both performance and potential.

On the other hand, the box on the bottom left is comprised of those who rank lowly in both performance and potential. This matrix can be used for a constructive discussion, which should then facilitate teamwork, open discussion, and professional development. The aim of the matrix is to understand where each employee stands by identifying how they fit into the grid. It will also enable you to evaluate how they should be positioned in future organizational changes.

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  • Roseana Romualdo
    My name is Roseana and I work in Human Resources here in Brazil.

    I downloaded a nine box worksheet on the site and enjoyed it a lot.

    I would like to use it at work, but it is password protected.

    Would there be any problem with entering the password so I can translate the worksheet into my language?

    Thank you very much for your attention

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