Getting Behind the Perfect Investor Pitch: Pitch Deck & Video
Originally published: 13/06/2018 08:34
Last version published: 29/11/2019 10:35
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Getting Behind the Perfect Investor Pitch: Pitch Deck & Video

Investor Pitch Deck Presentation for use as a template for entrepreneurs. Explanatory notes and video included.

This presentation has been developed for entrepreneurs to use as a template when creating their Investor Pitch Decks. The presentation was originally portrayed as a story, and so you are encouraged to replace the original storytelling seen in the accompanying video with your own, unique stories of your business and how it is developing. You should include proof such as partner and customer stories. This presentation has been completed with useful questions to help you fill out your pitch and include the right content such as 'How are you uniquely advantaged to build this business?' encouraging you to include detail in the slide of how your experience has led you to this venture and how your gained expertise will help you to succeed.

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs struggle to find the time to write a comprehensive business plan, whilst most investors struggle to find the time to read one. This is why a VC pitch is more important than ever, as it is beginning to displace the old-fashioned business plan. With that said, the strategy for your business still makes up the foundation for any presentation that you make.

At the end of the day, you must build your pitch based on the reality of your business plan. It's not about the words you use or the slides you show, but rather your value proposition, your team, and your business strategy.

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF Investor Pitch Deck Template, 1 Set of Presentation Notes (Methodology)

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