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7 Steps to Become a UX Designer With No Experience

This video explains the steps to take to become a better UX designer, with no experience!

This video by Beginner Tuts talks about the basic steps you should take to become a better UX designer.

1. Involve yourself into the community and find a mentor

There is no better source of knowledge than someone who has done it all before and has the appropriate experience. A thread on Quora had great insights on how to go about doing this, and the results were you will never receive if you do not give first. Do this by involving yourself in the local UX community. Look out for meet-ups on sites such as meet up.com or on Slack. By doing this you'll find out more about this ever growing industry, and you will be able to create value for the people in the community. This will work in your favour in creating genuine relationships.

2) Find learning experiences

You will not be a good UX designer if you do not build things. You should look for different challenges to get you going. CodePen is a good tool to use to tinker with examples, so that you can build new effects of your own.

All UX designers begin with a few jobs that require them to exercise their skills. You should look to build your skills and get exposed to end users. Building a portfolio is a good start. You will only improve yourself by demonstrating what you have built. The more you learn, the cooler the things you will be able to show, and hence more opportunities will arise. This is a virtuous cycle that you will inevitable learn and grow.

3. Have all the resources you need

Many resources are mentioned in the video that you have to teach yourself. You must be consistent in finding the right ones, and that you are learning as much as you can from each one. This collection of UX resources will help you do this and lines up everything so you can learn as systematically as possible.

Start with the basics, a video on what UX design is, and then progress to a master class on the elements of a user experience by Adobe. You will progress through each section of UX design.

Once you get through these resources, join communities such as Sidebar.io that can give you the best design resources.

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