Disbursement Order in a Project Finance deal (Excel Template and Manual)
Originally published: 23/03/2021 17:59
Publication number: ELQ-51811-1
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Disbursement Order in a Project Finance deal (Excel Template and Manual)

Issues behind timing of equity injection and step by step modeling of different drawdown schedules

This manual and Excel template covers discussion related to timing of equity injection in a construction phase of a project finance deal and namely:

+ Pro-rata drawdown on all facility
+ Full up-front equity drawdown
+ Partial up-front equity drawdown and the remaining pro-rata with debt

It also includes step by step instructions on how to build flexible drawdown schedules in your sources and Uses of funds statement in your project finance models.

+ The issues discussed are:
+ Alternative Drawdown schedules
+ Catch-up Period
+ Impact of Timing of Drawdowns on Equity IRR
+ Points of negotiations
+ Flexible timing of drawdowns in a financial model

Please note that the Excel template is not a complete model and is just an extraction of Sources Statement during construction to demonstrate how to build flexibility for different drawdown schedules in a project finance model.
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