Get a winning edge - create your own strategy guide
Originally published: 11/08/2020 22:14
Publication number: ELQ-60812-1
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Get a winning edge - create your own strategy guide

Understand how to win in your marketplace by developing your own strategy for your business

It is essential to understand the marketplace you are trying to enter, your competitors, your customers, your suppliers, your employees and the key strengths you possess to give yourself a winning edge and help your business succeed.

This document will guide you on how to develop your own strategy – specific to the market you are trying to enter, the competitive landscape, your strengths and abilities and to overcome any obstacles.

The guide is a comprehensive workbook that will ultimately give you the right winning strategy based on your business and your skills. The outputs from this guide will be as follows:
- Customer problem statement and needs
- Your product offering and how it is different
- Competitor landscape review
- Your right to win
- Mission and vision statements
- Company values
- Strategic objectives / goals

The tools used in this guide come from expert consultancies and universities (e.g. PESTLE, Porter's 5 forces, customer journeys, reducing obstacles to success etc.) which have been condensed down into an actionable formula for you to be able to get the best from your business.

The worked examples will help you to do the same for your business and will get you thinking like your customer, understanding all their needs and how you can address the ones no one else can.

This Best Practice includes
1 Powerpoint workbook of 36 slides

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Further information

- Create a strategy for you business to help you increase sales, make more profit and do better
- Help you to understand your industry and your customer to be he best you can be

- Need to be willing to put in the effort to improve your business
- Need to be able to think a little differently about your business
- Need to want to win!

- If you don't have time to change your business for the better

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