Mail Tower
Originally published: 04/08/2020 21:15
Publication number: ELQ-93082-1
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Mail Tower

Enables to store emails in an Excel sheet.

The user can copy emails from Outlook and paste the email in the spreadsheet.

This enables the user to have a list of important emails that the user can refer to and access easily and quickly.

Do not add or delete columns in MAIL TOWER otherwise the automated features will not work properly
Do not delete buttons or shapes in MAIL TOWER otherwise the automated features will not work properly

To use MAIL Tower, the technical requirements are the following:
Need to setup a macro in Outlook to copy emails
Need to setup two local folders (on local drive)
One folder to store the emails (the main folder)
One folder to store the temporary email once it is copied from Outlook. It is very important to keep this folder empty all
the time (otherwise the email will not be copied to the main folder and linked to the excel file)
To setup a macro in Outlook to copy emails, please refer to the tutorial video on my Eloquens page referring to this topic

Advanced usage
The sheets of this is Excel file can be easily integrated as additional sheets of an existing Excel sheet.
A user with VBA skills can also easily reuse the VBA code in MAIL Tower so to suite any specific needs
for example copying a hypertext link into a cell of a sheet in an existing Excel file that user already has.

A PDF user manual is provided with the Excel file.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel File 1 PDF file

Acquire business license for $6.00

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