Sales KPI Dashboard Report
Originally published: 12/07/2018 10:36
Last version published: 11/03/2021 15:30
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Sales KPI Dashboard Report

This report summaries a range of financial and non financial data in a succinct 1 page summary which is highly pliable.

This financial summary KPI dashboard is highly interactive - it will summarise data by geographic region by month on a range of topical metrics. The report uses a spinner button to create changing YTD position. As such the formulas on the calculation page are pliable based on the selection from this button. A slicer is used to generate regional summaries and the output draws on my one cell to rule them all methodology to change every element of the report.

The report is clean and clear with a range of metrics including sales comparisons, variance to plan, terminations, new hires analysis, employee and customer satisfaction, average wait times, net promoter score and customer volumes. The underlying data can be changed to suit a range of different metrics quickly and easily - the entire design is elegant and simple to update and this report would be a well received dashboard to any corporate environment.

Users will gain the maximum benefit from this file if they are already competent spreadsheets users. The file is designed for people who use Excel on a regular basis, and are comfortable with using its tools and functions. Incorporation of new data should be plug and play considering the calculations you wish incorporated.

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Further information

The tool displays KPI Sales metrics in a clean clear way. Many metrics are summarised on a single page saving the user days in development time if starting from scratch.

Upload datasets into the model and generate summaries based on month and year to date.


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