Startup Studio Trends Report 2015 - Insight into funding, success rate, exits of startup studios, venture builders
Originally published: 10/07/2017 08:35
Last version published: 18/03/2019 15:29
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Startup Studio Trends Report 2015 - Insight into funding, success rate, exits of startup studios, venture builders

In this report you will learn about startup studios and how these organizations perform in creating new startup ventures

Startup studios, also known as startup factories, venture builders, company builders are organisations that mass-produce companies like Hollywood movie studios produce movies.

But is this approach successful? Are these organisations living up to entrepreneurs' expectations?

In this report, we analyse 50+ startup studios and 200+ portfolio companies to give you answers to these questions. Read about:
- fundamentals of the studio approach
- employment stats
- performance
- fundraising
- exit stats

Highly recommended for entrepreneurs, investors and innovators.

If the report sparks your interest, learn more about startup studios, venture builders in the new book:

This book is a collection of insightful stories about successful studios and their secrets: from US, Europe and Russia; including case studies of digital and hardware startup studios. And it is a hands-on guide about how to use the studio framework:
+ Proven practices to build and lead a Team of highly skilled venture builder experts;
+ Strategies to build investor relations and raise capital for the studio;
+ Tools to create the vision and strategy for a studio;
+ Guidelines to measure the viability of concepts;
+ Methods to generate an abundance of ideas.

By reading the book you will be able to understand the studio framework and mindset; have meaningful discussions in favor or against the approach; and use it for your own purposes:
+ Thought leaders looking for a platform to multiply their impact will learn how to create a studio supports their vision.
+ Startup studios will get a benchmark on other studios, finding ways to improve their own strategy and execution.
+ Entrepreneurs will learn how startup studios lowers the risk and impact of failure for early-stage startups.
+ Corporate innovators will get to know a new method for boosting their company’s innovation output.
+ Investors will get a high-level understanding of how startup studio can provide a stable deal-flow.

Expand your skill set with the proven startup studio framework and use it to build new products and services.

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF file, 23 slides, list of startup studios, list of portfolio companies

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