Financial Model for a Startup
Originally published: 27/10/2016 09:34
Last version published: 07/06/2017 08:15
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Financial Model for a Startup

A simple & powerful model to learn financial modeling, for a startup or small business

A portion of my time is dedicated to helping out early stage startups in their financial activities, so I created this excel financial model following multiple requests from friends for a simple model to use as a template.

It's overall philosophy gravitates around Einstein's principle: "as complex as necessary and not one bit more"

In the demo video, I show how to adapt it to your situation and talk more generally about about excel financial modeling and financial statements.

In about 20 minutes you will be able to build the model for BobCo, a venture-funded $70mm PaaS company. Good luck!

- Sumit Kapur, June 2013

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Model, 1 Explanatory Step by Step Video

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