M&A Model - Accretion Dilution Excel Model Template + Instructions
Originally published: 15/06/2018 08:21
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M&A Model - Accretion Dilution Excel Model Template + Instructions

Excel training model for mergers and aquisiton and accretion/dilution analysis

This is a simple and easy to use Excel training model that will help you to hone your financial modeling skills, particularly in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

The model includes a tab to conduct the exercise and a tab with the completed version of the M&A model, so that you can compare and track your progress against the completed version.

M&A modeling represents a key part of general financial modeling, and this model will give you the key skills needed to create a mergers and acquisitions model.

Within this model you will learn how to conduct analysis on:

- Acquirer
- Target
- Accretion/Dilution
- Pro Forma Net Income
- Pro Forma EPS
- Deal Assumptions

This model focuses on the aspects of accretion and dilution. This can be a major factor of any business acquisition, and this model and video tutorial will help you to understand how dilutive and accretive acquisitions work, and how they can be modeled.

The adjoined videos will walk you through the processes behind the model, so that you can properly learn how m&a models work and how you can build your own.

By using this model, you will learn how to construct a detailed and structured analysis of both the acquiring and acquired company.

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