Mobile App Financial Model GIGA + Video Tutorial
Originally published: 14/12/2021 10:35
Last version published: 26/01/2022 08:39
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Mobile App Financial Model GIGA + Video Tutorial

This simple, but powerful financial model in Excel helps you to plan your mobile app business in no time. Its unique benefit is the One-Screen-Assumptions page.

Are You Starting a Mobile App Business?

Maybe you’ve looked at some other products and you are a bit confused by the flood of data, inputs, and pages. This financial model keeps it simple, but it offers the options you really need.

The assumptions page has a slim design and includes the most important charts and figures. Thereby, you can control almost all inputs and results on one screen. Personnel planning got a separate screen to maintain flexibility.

This creates a new and intuitive modeling experience. When you enter a value, you immediately see the impact. You will make decisions more easily, reduce errors and save work.

Video Tutorial:

Check out this free 69-minute video tutorial where I show you step-by-step how to build a financial model for your mobile app:

Version comparison: Mega vs Giga

Giga is the complete excel version, which also includes Cash Flow Statement and Balance Statement. Mega is basically the same as Giga, but without Cash Flow and Balance.

Why Giga?

Cash Flow and Cash Balance help you to determine your required capital. It shows you for each month, if your cash balance is positive, which is necessary to maintain liquidity.

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Further information

Build a resilient financial plan for your mobile app business.
Enjoy the one-screen assumptions page.
69-minute Video Tutorial with a step-by-step introduction.

Simple and easy to use.

If you look for a complicated model, that overwhelms you.

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