Originally published: 12/03/2018 16:40
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JavaScript Tutorial: How to Use p5.js

This video tutorial will introduce you to p5.js and how it can be used in conjunction with JavaScript

This video tutorial will explain what exactly p5.js is and how you can use it with your JavaScript programming. The tutorial is based on three key, simple questions which are answered during the video. These are:

- What is p5.js?
- What is it used for?
- How does it relate to processing?

Daniel sets the idea of p5.js in the context of processing as a whole in order to give you a wider understanding of what p5.js really is and how it works. This video will show you how you can learn p5.js and JavaScript in order to create unique, animated and creative web content.

This video will give you a basic understanding of p5.js and its uses in conjunction with JavaScript, showing you how you can use the both of these tools to create your own webpages.

This tutorial will show you how to use p5.js as a great workspace to learn JavaScript and make computational, creative and interesting applications and webpages. He also demonstrates how to use the p5.js editor as a way of testing out JavaScript and finding your way with code without worrying about all the different technicalities and processes.

Ultimately, this video will give you great contextual understanding of p5.js and how it used in conjunction with JavaScript. This is a great tool to start off your journey into JavaScript programming and is absolutely perfect for any interested beginner.

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