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How to Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)

Video series carried out by Nivi with Naval Ravikant after his popular twitter thread by the same name.

This session by Nivi with Naval was done after his hugely popular twitter thread titled 'How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)'.

In this series of 50 videos, Naval answers questions and addresses topics mentioned in the twitter thread.

Naval explains how he thought that he would be attacked for discussing such a 'crass' topic but the popularity of it shows everyone want to make money, even in a society where people pretend they don't want to.

"Money buys you freedom in the material world, it's not going to make you happy... but it will solve a lot of your external problems."

The course covers the following topics:-
- How long does it take to get rich?
- Ownership vs wage work
- Productise yourself
- Compound Interest (Finance and Relationships)
- How do you escape the 9-5 cycle?
- With 7 billion people in the world, can everyone get rich?
- Learning to sell
- Specific knowledge
- The CLASSR principle
- Other foundational skills linked to persuasion
- Is programming becoming a commodity skill?
- What would Naval major in today?
- Our desires in life and prioritising them
- Decision-making
- The one most important things Naval has done to be successful
- How do you deal with failure?
- Finding the 1%
- Generating passive income
- Explaining 'When you get there you realise that it's not really what you were looking for in the first place'

This Best Practice includes
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