Breach of Employment Contract
Originally published: 20/09/2018 08:55
Publication number: ELQ-61137-1
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Breach of Employment Contract

This pdf provides a useful insight into employment contract terms and breaches.

This pdf clearly outlines the fundamental aspects of an employment contract. It states the main terms and conditions of employment that must be covered. It then goes on to discuss other terms which may be included in the rest of the contract of employment. Whilst clearly explaining the legal jargon throughout, what is mandatory and what should be expected to be found in the contract are discussed.

Breach of contract is then outlined. This is a fundamental concept to be understood by employees and employers. There can be very serious repercussions if a breach arises and so this article is a helpful reference material for the first courses of action to take. It is recommended that, wherever possible, formal grievances should be avoided. Instead, a discussion with one’s line manager or the HR department should be able to resolve most minor issues.

However, where a suspected breach cannot be resolved internally, the article advises how best to escalate the issue. Law Donut provides a brief overview of the routes that may possibly be taken, and which are at your disposal. Nevertheless, it is still advised that guidance is sought, in any case that cannot be resolved internally, via a discussion with HR and/or your line manager.

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