Key Financials - Powerpoint Template
Originally published: 27/06/2019 15:27
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Key Financials - Powerpoint Template

The Key Financials template outline the key measures that can be included in a presentation for a company

by Wall Street Oasis

It is important to ensure that during a company presentation, there are clear and concise measures of performance that are easily understandable and can illustrate the direction and prospects of the company. The Key Financial template offers a simple user-friendly presentation format that allows the user to present information clearly and adjust accordingly.

Recommended metrics include:
Market Capitalisation
Enterprise Value
Stock Price

These metrics are only a guide and can be adjusted depending on presentation requirements. This tool allows a professional and logical flow on from other tools in the investment thesis selection and can be used in conjunction or separately to support any presentation. It may be optimal to combine with the investment presentation resources provided by Wall Street Oasis vis Eloquens.

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