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Master the VBA Editor!

Learn how to use the VBA editor *PROPERLY* ....and you'll save more time than you ever thought possible...!

This course teaches you the ins and outs of the VBA editor, teaching you about all the features it has to make your VBA code development and debugging as quick and pain-free as possible. It also introduces you to some foundational concepts in VBA and programming along the way.

The information in this course is far from being common knowledge as most Excel users only start using VBA occasionally and reluctantly before running back to the main application window...!

The irony is that people come to VBA looking for ways to save time, but end up wasting it all the same because they do not understand the controls of the VBA editor!

I've put this course together to help you put an end to that, so you can learn how to unlock the true power of VBA once and for all!

You'll learn:
+ How to customise the look and set up of your development environment.
+ How to interpret the different colours used to display your code
+ How to manage different editor modes and what they are used for
+ How to debug code more quickly and effectively
+ Foundational concepts in programming and VBA to help you on your way!

This Best Practice includes
10 videos, VBA editor cheat sheets, 5 supporting Excel files

Roderick McKinley, CFA offers you this Best Practice for free!

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