SaaS Modeling Revenue Growth and Value Creation Excel Model
Originally published: 14/09/2018 10:42
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SaaS Modeling Revenue Growth and Value Creation Excel Model

60 month ready-to-use Revenue Growth and Value Creation model to help plan for growth, including instructions.

The rate and productivity at which you increase your revenue in SaaS can dictate valuation. Growing revenue does, however, necessitate additional funds in relation to acquisition of customers and the retention of these customers.

This model allows Founders to better understand numerous things:

- How objectives for annual revenue growth can translate into the required monthly growth.
- The level of capital needed to attain customer acquisition and revenue targets
- The value created by reaching growth goals
- The value retained based on the capital raised

Adding the goals you have for annual growth, alongside ARPU/CAC predictions, will give you an idea of:

- Requirements for compounded monthly growth to attain yearly revenue growth
- Prescribed CAC investment amount for annual revenue goal attainment
- Required potential capital in order to achieve revenue objectives.

Considering these aspects, especially as a SaaS founder, is crucial not just for growth but also for understanding the parameters for growth valuation advantages.

This downloadable Excel model is presented in both 5 years and 60 months, including a component to input simplified customer acquisition assumptions.

It also has step-by-step instructions allowing easy use. If you have any questions on the model or my business, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly or start a discussion.

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