Simple Agriculture & Livestock Excel Model - 3 Statements Model
Originally published: 29/07/2019 08:44
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Simple Agriculture & Livestock Excel Model - 3 Statements Model

A basic model of start-up in the agricultural sector for young contractors in West Africa.

This 3-state model combines agriculture and livestock with a beginner level.

Whether we want to fight against food resilience with few resources or to set up a project of the same type combining equity and bank loans we start from scenarios and assumptions based on data relating to the West African market.

4 Income;
5 Expenses;
6 Cash flow and discounted
7 Cash flow;
8 the capex, it is a good tool for beginners in modeling or project carriers.

Considering the dynamics and the standard of living of the West African sub-region, we start from the realization of the realization of the small exploitation, we release ourselves from the value internal investment


- Cover page
- Assumptions
- Balance Sheet
- IS Cash flow
- Expenses
- Notes

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    Sir hope you are doing well!!! request you to please help me to understand the cover page how we can create cover page in excel please help to understand the technique
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