Originally published: 22/10/2020 15:20
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How To Be A Remarkable Innovator

Here Guy Kawasaki's top ten tips on how to be a remarkable innovator.

Guy Kawasaki tells us of his top ten tips to become a remarkable innovator, using his extensive experience as 'evangelist' for Apple and Canva, an author of various business books and a brand ambassador for Mercedes Benz.

'How To Be a Remarkable Innovator' is an episode of Guy Kawasaki's 'Remarkable People Podcast', where he interviews a remarkable person, such as Steve Wosniak, Martha Stewart, Margaret Atwood to name a few. Guy Kawasaki's Podcast features interviews with thought leaders, legends and innovators, and tips on how to elevate yourself, with every episode making you a little more remarkable.

This time, Guy breaks his usual pattern and shares how we can gain some remarkable skills to improve our innovation skills.

Here is the breakdown of his top ten tips:
1) Make meaning.
2) Jump to the next curve.
3) Eat your cows.
4) Don't worry be 'crappy'.
5) Focus on merit.
6) Polarize people.
7) Don't be afraid of changing your mind.
8) Magic quadrant.
9) Let a hundred flowers blossom.
10) 'Churn, baby, churn'.

Download this Podcast episode to learn more about each tip (and find out the bonus tip) to find out what it takes to become a remarkable innovator!

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