1 Way Cash Flow Excel Model
Originally published: 10/04/2020 12:23
Last version published: 02/01/2021 10:37
Publication number: ELQ-66055-5
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1 Way Cash Flow Excel Model

Business & Cash Flow Scenario Model built to help small to medium sized businesses in the current COVID19 crisis (V3.0)

This 1 Way Cash Flow Model is intended to assist the many accountants and finance professionals rapidly get their hands on a financial model that they can use to run scenarios and even simulations if they wish.

This is not a 3-way financial model, but its a good starting point for those wanting to just understand financial modelling.

The model requires input on the historical cash flows for 12 months and only requires an opening balance sheet.

The model has been built with Jan-20 as the closing balance sheet and cash flows 12 months prior to that.

Included is a scenario manager which also includes the ability to run monte carlo simulations using VBA.

There are a number of executive and management dashboard outputs as well as an annual cash flow summary along with a sources and uses of cash.

We have also developed a FREE app to provide feedback and track version of the model which we will continue to update as feedback is provided in regards to logic or accuracy but not customisation for specific businesses.

If you need help in applying or customising the model reach out to us via the app.
App link -->https://mc-1-way.glideapp.io/

The model currently includes assumptions around government stimulus for Australia, but can be applied (with a bit of logic editing) to other countries.

If you wish to edit the logic you are welcome to do so at your own risk.

Make sure you watch the videos included in the app for further assistance and instructions on navigating and using the model.

A brief summary of the model will also be available here to review.

Please note current version is 3.0

Enjoy and stay safe.
- Lance

This Best Practice includes
1. PDF dashboard summary 2. Excel demo model 3. Demo Videos 4. Free App

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Further information

For education and internal use for the purpose of running different scenarios on a business from a cash flow perspective having regard to different decisions. There is currently areas to input the balance sheet and the prior 12months cash flows along with assumptions for future periods based on drivers including impacts on staff reductions for both salaries and number of FTE amongst other impacts.

The model has not been audited and upon opening assumes that the user accepts the disclaimer attached to it. User can make changes to the model at their own risk. If you find logic that is incorrect please raise this in the app and we will do our best to fix it and update the version as quick as possible.

The tool is not intended to be provided directly to clients without the explicit approval by Model Citizn. The model is not available to be re-sold or provided to others without our explicit approval.

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