Campaign Performance Dashboard
Originally published: 30/06/2020 12:34
Last version published: 30/06/2020 12:36
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Campaign Performance Dashboard

This Data Studio dashboard shows data from Google Ads in one-screen view taking real-time data directly from Google Ads.

Hey Marketer!

Struggle to track the results of your marketing effort?

You put resources into an advertising strategy but can’t see the result? It would be great to have a tool that makes this complicated tracking process easy and accessible, right?

Here’s a solution. Campaign Performance Dashboard is a single-page Google Ads report built in Data Studio. Preview:

What kind of benefits does the Dashboard offer?
- You’ve got the summary of most important metrics on one page
- Easy-to-read graphs for cost, clicks, and conversions
- Updated in real time
- The list of top campaigns with their stats
- You can make as many copies of the Dashboard as you need and use it for your clients
- Color customization – you have both dark and light themes. Choose the one that comforts you or your client

About the author. Serhii Kovchenko, a spreadsheets and Google Data Studio expert who automated and designed dashboards for dozens of marketing agencies and e-commerce businesses.

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Have any questions? – Please review the explanatory video: check the FAQ below or hit me up with a message.


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Further information

1. How can I connect the dashboard to my Google Ads account?
I will help with the connecting process once the order is placed.

2. Can I print the dashboard as PDF?
Yes, Google Data Studio allows saving the dashboard in PDF.

3. Can I schedule auto emails of the dashboard?
Yes, Google Data Studio provides the option to send scheduled PDF reports from the dashboard.

You can use the Campaign Performance Dashboard perfectly for any Google Ads data.

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