Business Valuation Excel Model with Pro-Forma Financial Statements
Originally published: 04/07/2018 14:29
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Business Valuation Excel Model with Pro-Forma Financial Statements

The business valuation model provides an accurate and robust financial reporting structure to value proposed investments

The business valuation model provides an accurate and robust financial reporting structure to value a wide range of proposed investments, entire companies or businesses. Pro-forma financial statements are derived from revenue, expense and capital assumptions to provide standard pro forma accounting statements and valuation under discounted cash flow and economic value added. A wide range of options with explanatory material is provided to suit specific business environments and industry dynamics.

The business valuation model is designed to quickly and efficiently produce trustworthy business valuations for management decision making and investor presentations. Projected revenue and expenditure line items are combined with capital structure and asset assumptions to automatically calculate the present value of a business or investment opportunity. Pro-forma financial statements are accurately represented including depreciation schedules, tax and capital charges. Further assumptions enable customization to specific scenarios including realistic finite terminal value under diminishing competitive advantage, comparable scoring and weighted average cost of capital calculation. Valuation is calculated and presented under both the traditional discounted cash flow methods as well as economic value added based on the identification of investment type costs. Business valuation can be conducted on a standalone basis or two alternative valuations compared as a difference. Comparing valuations can be before and after structural changes or evaluation of alternative strategies such as purchasing or leasing an asset. Business valuation is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows versions of Excel as a cross platform and highly portable financial management solution.

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Value businesses, proposed investments or comparisons of investment strategies.

Corporate finance management decision making

Valuation of publicly listed companies with lack of underlying assumptions


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