Accounting Firm Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 05/10/2020 09:28
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Accounting Firm Excel Financial Model

An Accounting Firm Financial Model, Perfect for all Accounting Consultation Business with all relevant tables.

An Accounting Firm Excel Financial Model made by Oak Business Consultant is tailored for Accounting Agency Fim. This Accounting Firm Financial Model Excel Template contains all relevant input tables and charts that will allow you to make informed business decisions bases on accurate reporting and financials.

An Accounting Firm Excel Financial Model contains several sheets that support you to make sound financial decisions. These sheets are related to different accounting and a financial statement such as Startup Summary, 60 months forecasted Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet, In-depth analysis of chain and out, Equity valuation sheet and Break-Even Analysis, etc,

To understand this template You do not have any need to acquire advanced technical skills or in-depth financial knowledge to take advantage of our developments. Any person with a sound knowledge of finance can see models and understand the financial health of a company.

Key Inputs

- Advertising Budget – Input is linked to Sales, the more you spend on the advertisement the
more sales you generate.
- Total Organic Customer Rate – How many Customers comes to your place from Word of
- Percentage of Quarterly Converted Repeat Customers – At what percentage of the new
total customers come to your Company repeatedly quarterly.
- Churn Rate – what percentage of your old customer decline
- The average revenue rate per Project
- Tax Rate
- Growth Rate

Features of Accounting Firm Excel Financial Model

This Accounting Firm Excel Financial Template includes all relevant key financials sheet such as:

Input Sheet

This model excel template contains inputs that, when changed, impact the calculations and, therefore, the changes are applied to all relevant sheets.

Startup Summary Sheet

This sheet provides an analysis of all the investment requirements of a new start-up and helps the business to present a snapshot of the company to prospective investors and raise capital.

Monthly & Yearly Income Statement Sheet

The Monthly Income Statement sheet for the Accounting Firm Excel Financial Model excel template is perfect for those who require regular reporting and details. Additionally, Income Statement contains all revenue streamlines with gross earnings, net earnings linked with revenue analysis to ensure accurate reporting.

Furthermore, the Yearly Income Statement Sheet gives you complete insights into revenue and general & administrative expenses. The Yearly Income Statement also contains a graph, margins, net profit, earning, cost of services, and profit after tax.

Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet is one of the financial statement of a company which will provide you a complete overview of the Company's Uses and Sources of Funds. In this Excel Template, this sheet will give you 5- years of detailed projections about where your assets and Liabilities will stand up in the future at a specific point in time.

Cash Flow

This Cash Flow Statement will provide you a complete insight of the real and virtual movement of cash generated and invested by your company. This statement will give you in-depth information about cash-ins and out which will be divided into three activities stream such as operating activities, investing activities, and financial activities.

Project Evaluation

This Valuation Sheet will enable you to calculate Return on Investment, Investor’s Future Equity Share, and Cash Burn Rate Analysis, and NPV which help you analyze company performance easily.

Break-Even Analysis

The break-even analysis will help you to know at a glance the profits generated at the various levels of sales. The Break-Even Analysis refers to the point where your total sales contribution refers to fixed cost at zero profit and loss situation.

Diagnostic Sheet

In this Template, we added a unique table that automatically calculates the data such as the Profitability ratio, Net operating expense ratio to expense, etc., that will provide financial commentary about the company’s financials.


The dashboard provides a graphical representation of all key numerical values of your company financial model

The benefits of the Accounting Firm Excel Financial Model

Save Money & Time

This Financial Model excel template enables you to begin your startup planning with the least fuss and maximum of help. No composing equations and formulas, no designing, no programming, no outlining, and no costly outside specialists required. Plan the development of your business instead of around with insignificant techy things.

Easy To Use

Easy-to-use yet very advanced financial planning tool. Whatever size and phase of development your business is, with a very little amount of planning experience and very basic command on Excel, you can get complete and reliable outcomes.

Investors' Friendly Model

Presented financial information in a deal proven way to capture potential investors.

Graphical Visualization

In our Accounting Firm Financial model excel template, all necessary Calculations and estimation are visually represented on a dashboard. You don’t need to move sheets to compare data.

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