Farming Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 11/12/2020 17:26
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Farming Excel Financial Model

The Farming Excel Financial model is adaptable yet very sophisticated financial planning tool for your farming business

The Farming Excel Financial Model made by an Oak Business Consultant provides a comprehensive framework to prepare solid financial plans and businesses' financial analysis within the Farming Industry. It informs the user about short and long-term financial goals performance and gives you a starting point for developing a financial strategy.

This farming financial model gives you an overview of your current farm's financials and projections for growth. It prepares a complete financial plan for your farm business, consisting of 5-years financial statements(income statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet), Break-Even Analysis, Diagnostic Sheet and Staup Summary Plan, etc. Further, It enables the user to determine the farm business’s actual worth by calculating the DCF( Discounted Cash Flow) factor and Free Cash Flow. The model uses a bottom-up approach to calculates the expected production volume. Revenues are derived by applying the respective pricing assumptions (up to 4 different product quality levels). OPEX and capital expenditure other assumptions are then used to prepare detailed profit and cash flow forecasts.

This Farming Financial Model will assist you in managing and organizing your business efficiently. Using this model, you cannot be distracted by complicated calculations, enable you to utilize more of your time in operation activities, and manage your customers' tasks.

Key Inputs of Farming Excel Financial Model

- The growth rate of Product Prices and Expense growth rate
- Inventory Ratio- it will allow the model to evaluate your business estimated inventory amount on hand.
- Cost of Good Sold- consist of Direct Cost, Growing Cost, Production Cost, and Harvesting Cost.
- Average Price of each product category with its sales percentage.
- Tax Rate.
- Production per Hectare in tons and Kgs.
- Marketing Cost- Included all social platforms.
- Capital Expenditure on all Assets that are bought to start business operations.
- Payable & Receivable Days inputs enable the model to calculate Account Receivable and Accounts -
Payables in the balance sheet.
- Operating Expense: Enter all appropriate operating expense amounts to calculate OPEX.

Key Features of Farming Excel Financial Model

- Input Sheet: This sheet linked with all related financial statements; make a change to this
the sheet will impact the result of all financial automatically.
- Startup Summary Plan: This sheet provides insight into all those expenses incurred in the first year
and before the beginning of the business.
- 5 years detailed Monthly and Yearly Income Statement
- 5 years detailed Balance Sheet Statement
- 5 years details Cash Flow Analysis
- Detailed KPIs – Full KPIs with dashboards.
- Dashboards – The Farming Excel financial model contains dashboards and
visuals that enable users to understand the complete financial positions of the company quickly.
- Diagnostic Tools – This Diagnostic sheet automatically calculates the data such as the
Profitability ratio, Net operating expense ratio to expense, etc.,
- Break-Even Analysis Summary
- Project Evaluation Sheet – Calculates the company's valuation and IRR.

Benefits of Farming Excel Financial Model

Comprehensive Financial Plan:
The Financial Model is a set of various reports and KPIs that support a company's financial health: integrated financial planning, planning and budgeting, management and performance reporting, and forecasting.

Uniform Methodology:
The major benefit of a farming financial model is that it promotes a uniform methodology by which the user can compare changes in a company’s operations over time.

Mitigate Risk:
The financial model can mitigate the financial risk of the company. It will allow users to determine what-if or simulation analysis. The user can predict the outcome of marketing campaigns, the cost of entering a new market, and the effect of price changes on the industry, among many.

Provide Financial Assistance:
This Financial Model excel template enables you to begin your startup planning with the maximum assistance and least confusion. No composing equations and formulas, no designing and programming, and no need to hire a costly external consultant required.

Well-Formatted & Presented:
All core 3-financial statements (income statement, cash flow, and Balance Sheet) are accurately presented and connected with the input and formatted in a well-structured way. Also, it follows a particular color theme, which is consistent in all sheets.

Investor's Friendly:
All related investor metrics are included; therefore, investors will appreciate the full transparency in the financial model while considering investing in your business.

Feasible & Manageable:
This financial model is exceptionally adaptable and easy to use by anyone with basic knowledge of Excel and Financial Principle to analyze their business performance.

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