How to remote work: 5 indispensable tools for working from home
Originally published: 13/05/2020 13:52
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How to remote work: 5 indispensable tools for working from home

This Best Practice on Remote Work includes 5 indispensable tools for working from home.


Nowadays, working from home has become more and more popular👀 . It is true it is an ideal solution when you are regularly on the move, when there is a need to look after your children or in cases of exceptional situations like transport strikes or being in confinement in case of a virus; your presence in the office isn’t always essential❗️⚠️.

However, to stay productive whilst working from home, it is essential to use the right tools so that you can: follow the progress of projects in real time, collaborate and communicate with your team, and perform well✅.

Here are 5 tools that are indispensable to efficiently work remotely💪🏽🗣: 

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    Instant messaging

    When working from home, it is imperative that everyone keeps in contact with their team and manager👨🏻‍💼. On the one hand, this allows for maintaining communication and collaboration at the heart of a team👫🤝. On the other hand, it avoids people feeling isolated😥.

    It can be seen that emails are not at all adapted to this type of interaction👨🏽‍💻. Therefore, what you need is a chat, to maintain a dialogue between your team and manager at any given time🗣📲. You can ask questions, give feedback on certain topics, send documents of any kind (e.g. Text, images, video, audio) and share your moods with emoticons😀😥. As for an oral dialogue, you participate in a real and instantaneous exchange and you obtain responses immediately⏰🙌🏻.

    Notifications inform you as soon as have received a message🛎. The chat allows you to be more efficient and productive while avoiding clogging up your mailbox👏🏾.

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    Video conferencing

    Sometimes, instant messaging isn’t adapted to discussions on delicate situations or when trying to address a potential problem. An audio or video call then seems to be a more appropriate solution📷📞. Additionally, it’s nice to be able to see your team in person whenever you want when you are working remotely👁👤.

    For example, in the case of confinement, you can easily organise a meeting with the tool Wimi AirTime, with full confidentiality✅📲. You are not required to install anything. All you have to do is launch the application directly from your browser⏏️. You can invite whomever you would like because no account creation is required, all you need to do is share a link to AirTime🤝👥.

    The other major asset of this tool is the screen-sharing function🖥↔️. You can easily bring your team together remotely to discuss a key document, make collective corrections on a file or assist a collaborator who is having a technical difficulty. 

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