Company Valuation Excel Model (Equity) - Market approach, with automatic data download
Originally published: 31/08/2018 11:34
Publication number: ELQ-17636-1
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Company Valuation Excel Model (Equity) - Market approach, with automatic data download

An excel model for Company (Equity) valuation using the market approach

This easy and flexible tool allows you to estimate the equity value of a Company using the Market approach (Relative Valuation model). The company can either be a private or a public one.

The model includes the following tabs:
- Cover;
- Main;
- Peer analysis;
- Pricing_Valuation.

In the "Main" sheet you just input the tickers of the company considered as peers. Be sure to have macros enabled in your excel then click "Get data" button. The macro will automatically extract the relevant information (EV/EBITDA, enterprise value, EV/Revenues, P/Sales, etc) for the tickers using Yahoo Finance as a source of information.

In the "Peer analysis" sheet you can input the peer's names and also the name of the company which you are appraising, together with some of its margins. On column A (see pictures) you can decide if you wish to keep the company within the peer, depending on the metrics or your own assessment of the peer. If you decide the company is an outlier you can simply remove the "x" and it will not enter the analysis.

The second table in the sheet would be the final one, from which the final metrics will be extracted for the valuation.

In the "Pricing_Valuation" sheet input all orange cells with the relevant data: your Company's EBITDA, Revenues, Earnings, Sales, Book Value, Net debt or cash position, Non core assets (if the case) and financial assets.

We have also inserted 2 lines to include the discount for lack of marketability or control premium, depending on what you are valuing. See the last two pictures for details.

When using the model, you should only input data in the orange marked cells.

The model is great to assess the value of a company as fast as possible, using the market approach.

Should you have any questions on the model you can always contact us.

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