Interest Rate Excel Converter
Originally published: 07/02/2019 13:38
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Interest Rate Excel Converter

This is an instantly downloadable Excel sheet to help you convert between different interest rates.

This Interest Rate Excel Converter is an extremely useful tool which comes ready to use, and is available to download instantly.

Interest rates may be quoted in a number of ways. These common ways may include:

- NACM or Nominal Rates

- NACA or Annual Effective Rates

- NACQ or Nominal Annual Compounded Quarterly

- NACS or Semi-Annual Interest Rates

Comparing rates requires that rates are quoted on an identical basis.

This tool will permit the user to convert NACM, NACS, NACA, and NACQ interest rates.

It is laid out in a simple, easy to use manner and presents the following information:

- Nominal Values
- Monthly NACM
- Quarterly NACQ
- Semi Annual NACS
- Annual NACA

It also contains a section for frequency.

If you have any questions on this Excel model, do not hesitate to contact me either by starting a discussion below this tool, or by private messaging via my Eloquens Author Channel.

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To find other ways to make your Excel experience more efficient, visit my author channel page where you will find a range of Excel calculators, such as the Excel Shortcuts tool, which are all available to download at an instant.

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