Advanced SWOT analysis. - Excel Template and Power Point Guide
Originally published: 06/08/2019 20:10
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Advanced SWOT analysis. - Excel Template and Power Point Guide

Get access to the guide on how to conduct an Advanced SWOT analysis and to leverage an industry’s opportunities.

SWOT analysis belongs to the group of strategic tools that you can use for market evaluation and analysis.
It will help to assess an organization’s current position and identify future valuable competitive opportunities. It makes you think and research carefully factors that can have a negative and positive impact on the long-run profitability potential. Advanced SWOT analysis is used for new and existing businesses to assess a changing environment and respond proactively.

Common questions you will need to research before conducting an analysis:
- What is the market value?
- What is the market demand?
- Capabilities - where you take or can take more internal focus?
- How big is the market?
- What are the current trends in your industry/market/niche?

Advanced SWOT analysis and how is it different from a typical SWOT?

We typically see SWOT analysis like a simple four boxes table that should bring some clarity. However, simply putting data on the table will not help you to decide the strategy or even clarify opportunities. The Advanced SWOT analysis makes you rate and weight each factor. In other words, it makes you prioritize factors and make calculations to see what strategy you can go on with. It gives you a clear picture of how an organization’s or industry’s strengths overrate weaknesses or opposit, you will see that there is not enough potential.

As a result of Advanced SWOT analysis you will get a type of marketing strategy to can move on with:
- Aggressive - if Strength - Opportunities win (e.g. concentration of resources on the best products (20% of activity brings 80% of the profit), strengthening the market position)
- Defensive - if Weaknesses - Threats win (e.g. cost reduction, stop investing)
- Competitive - if Weaknesses - Opportunities win (e.g. product improvement, increase in productivity)
- Conservative - if Strength - Threats win (e.g. searching for new markets, product diversification)

This Best Practice includes
1 Exel document with 9 tabs, PowerPoint guide with 10 slides, 1 example of ready-made SWOT analysis

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Further information

- Get the problem you are going to solve
- Set new or reaffirm strategic goals
- Make up a thought-off plan of action
- Get insights on which marketing strategy to choose
- Initiate further analysis

- You feel stuck and don’t know where and how your business needs to move
- You need to reassure yourself and management that the chosen plan will be profitable
- If you fear that the existing threats overrate all opportunities and strength of your business and industry
- If your business is new and you need to understand the current state of the industry - SWOT analysis is a part of the planning process
- You don’t know what kind of marketing strategy you should choose

If you search for a ready-made solution of your current business problems or a tailored plan on how to grow your business - Advanced SWOT analysis helps to initiate further analysis and build a guiding policy for leveraging industry opportunities.

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