Free Cash Flow To Equity (FCFE) - Excel Model Template
Originally published: 12/06/2019 10:26
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Free Cash Flow To Equity (FCFE) - Excel Model Template

Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) model that gives unlevered free cash flow

This “plug-and-play” Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) model is a simple template that allows you to build your own company’s free cashflow to equity model, discounting the effects of financial obligations (i.e. debt) to give you the unlevered free cash flow. In this template you can enter your own numbers or formulas to auto-populate output numbers.

Free cash flow to equity is a measure of equity capital usage that measures how much cash is available to a company’s equity shareholders after paying all expenses, reinvestment, and debt. This simple model is useful in determining the value of a business or the amount of money available to shareholders/investors. Free Cash Flow is also very useful in LBO modelling since it shows the amount of money a company has for paying off debt used to fund the acquisition of the company.

The model includes the following tabs:
• Assumptions
• Income Statement
• Balance Sheet
• Cash Flow Statement
• PPE Schedule
• LBO Modelling
• (Cover page)
• FCFE Valuation
• PE Returns analysis
• WACC Calculation

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