Startup Pitch Deck Template
Originally published: 23/10/2017 15:50
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Startup Pitch Deck Template

This will help you make a compelling pitch deck that will generate excitement from investors.

The objective of a pitch deck is to generate excitement among investors. This requires telling a great story within a 30 minute time frame.

A good start is to go to your last section, identify the questions asked, and go through the deck from the beginning providing the answers.This will enable you to tell your story. Something to keep in mind; your companies strong points should come higher up in your content order.

It is commonly said that investors like a slide to have max info, min words. Anything more than 20 slides is unnecessary.

What should be included:

1. What and Why: explain your company

2. What problem is your customer having and how is it currently being solved in the marketplace?

3. What is the solution your company has come up with?

4. Timing- what makes this a good time to go forward?

5. Describe your target market and it's size

6. Competition slide

7. Describe your product and present its roadmap

8. Business/Revenue/Sales & Dist. /Pricing Models

9. Meet the team!

10. Money// Balance sheet, Cap Tables, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow

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