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Hiring A+ Talent

Online Video Course to help you as an entrepreneur master your hiring process & find the perfect people for your team.

About Us: Startup Secrets is a collection of video workshops and written lessons designed to help entrepreneurs and innovators think through the key steps that could accelerate the success of their future businesses. There are 11 video workshops in total, along with 60+ written lessons, case studies, blog posts, forums, and related resources to illustrate the real-life applications of the concepts presented, and foster entrepreneurial community.

A business is only as good as its team, so as you build your venture, the hiring process is crucial. This tool considers different things an entrepreneur must take into account regarding recruitment, including insights from iRobot's Senior VP of HR, Russ Campanello. This Online Video Course also advises on specific questions to ask when seeking out your ideal future employee.

This Online Video Course includes questions, tips, and case studies to help you gain a comprehensive insight into the hiring process as an entrepreneur. This should help you to find and hire the perfect fit for the role on your team.

Chapters are as follows:
1. Introduction
2. The Process and Imperative First Question!
3. Discovering Emotional Quotient, Cultural Quality and Quality Control Questions
4. Hire for the three +A's
5. Advice from Acquia
6. Participative workshops

The course includes commentary from:
- Russ Campanello, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources at iRobot.

This Best Practice includes
5 Video Presentations, with 5 supporting PDF Guides

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