Motor Starting Calculation Spreadsheet
Originally published: 22/11/2017 13:24
Publication number: ELQ-26609-1
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Motor Starting Calculation Spreadsheet

A case study in excel demonstrating a motor starting for any given electrical network by reduction of the network.

The first page of the excel spreadsheet consists of notes explaining the spreadsheet, the calculation, and the software.

The second page is where you are able to input data and perform calculations.

This spreadsheet demonstrates a small electrical network model that can be adapted for motor starting case studies. It will perform a calculation based in given pre-start load inputs and starting motor data. Detailed analysis also doable provided you use additional softwares.

This can be very useful when trying to work out:

With a given generator rating, what is the largest possible motor size that can be started?

What should the generator rating be for a given load and biggest motor size?

During starting conditions for given motor details, what should the voltage drop be? (To decide on the key parameter in the design process.)

What should the cable size/ no. of runs etc work out as?

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