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How To Mine Monero (CPU & GPU)

This video will show you how to mine Monero with your CPU and your GPU.

In this video you will be taught how to use your CPU and your GPU at the same time. Using a screen-sharing method, 'We Do Tech' takes you through their step-by-step methodology so that you can follow the guide easily.

Monero is a popular and in-demand cryptocurrency because of its unique features. For example, you have complete control and responsibility over your transactions. It is also completely fungible and focuses on decentralization. The objective of Monero is to improve cryptocurrency design as it currently stands by obscuring recipient, sender, and the amount of every transaction that is made, so ultimately it is private, secure, and untraceable. Monero has leveraged stealth addresses and ring signatures to do this, as ring signatures block outside observers from linking a signature to a specific user.

This video will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to mine it.

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