Sales Pipeline Manager (CRM) – Google Sheet Template
Originally published: 13/12/2022 09:59
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Sales Pipeline Manager (CRM) – Google Sheet Template

This template provides visibility to your sales funnel and enables you to take smart decisions to improve conversion and increase sales.

A simple and effective solution to Sales Pipeline Management. 
i. Determine any weak areas in your sales funnel.
ii. Take action to improve the conversion rate.
iii. Identify any bottlenecks in the sales process.
iv. Take action to shorten the sales cycle.
v. Know exactly how rich the currently active pipeline is.
vi. Allows forecasting of future sales.
vii. Actionable insights on what type of deals are successful.
viii. Allows prioritization on those deals.
ix. Track all activities related to customer relationship management in one file.

a. Automated & Interactive Dashboard with Sales Funnel KPIs
b. Actionable Insights on what type of deals are working
c. View Active Pipeline with projected sales by month and expected deal value
d. Simplified data management by tracking all your sales deals in one sheet
e. Easy to customize. Customize (up to 12) Sales funnel stages. Customize attributes & Dashboard
f. Data Validations in place to ensure good quality data
g. Track all sales activities related to customer and prospect communications
h. All In One File – 2000 deal limit (default) can be extended easily if needed

This template provides you with a fully automated and interactive dashboard: 
Sales Funnel KPIs 

View the Key metrics Won Deals, Lost Deals, Conversion Rate, Avg Days to Close Deal & Avg Deal Value.

Sales Funnel performance

View the number of deals that go through each stage of your pipeline process. Know which stage the deals are dropping off. Take actions accordingly to refine the deal selection process or improve the specific stage activity to increase conversion.

Time Taken to Close Deals (Sales Velocity)

The Dashboard shows how many days in average it takes to close a deal. You can see how many days it took to close a deal won versus a lost deal. It also shows how long each stage of your sales funnel took. This allows you to identify any bottlenecks in your sales process and improve sales cycle efficiency.

Deals Lost – Lost Reason

Every sales pipeline will have deals lost. It is important to understand why deals are lost. The Dashboard shows the top reasons why deals are lost. This will enable you to work on those prioritized reasons and thus improve the conversion rate.
You can filter the Dashboard by 5 different attributes and the Deal Created Month.


One part of the Dashboard focuses on generating insights about what types of deals are being successful.

The template allows 5 customizable attributes that you can track for each deal. 
You can then choose one of those attributes and get valuable insights. For example, in the above screenshot, we are using Lead Source as the Attribute. 
We can see how many deals are won and lost from each lead source. 
Conversion rates are highest from referrals while lowest in online leads.
You could get similar insights on which industry and location you are successful in, which product is more successful, etc. The amazing part of this is that you can choose what attributes are relevant to your sales process.


If there are any errors, a message will appear at the top of Deals sheet, clearly specifying the error. Also, red rectangles will appear on exactly the cells where there is an error. This allows you to quickly rectify the error. Error deals are not included in the Dashboard to avoid incorrect results in Dashboard.

The template has a small module for tracking all sales activities related to customer and prospect communications.

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