Originally published: 15/03/2018 13:44
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How to Invest in Startups

In this Reuters Interview with Ronda Schaffler, Marty gives his tips and advice on investing in startups.

Due to his experience with startups and startup investing in particular, Marty is interviewed about investing in startups by Ronda Schaffler of Reuters. Marty gives his insight into startup investing, the do's and don't's, tips and advice, and valuable knowledge based on experience.

In just a short interview, they cover the following topics:

ROI (Return on Investment) and what you should expect
How much money you are expected to invest as an angel investor
What type of startup you should go for
Staying within your own domain
Helping and mentoring your startup
Doing your homework
Due Diligence: business plans, projections
Seeking advice from other investors: investment groups
Leaving: How do I get out?
Long term investments

If you plan or are planning on investing in a startup, you should watch this video to learn from an industry expert.

Length: 5 minutes 55 seconds

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