OFFSET MATCH and Data Validation Excel Model Template
Originally published: 14/06/2018 13:25
Publication number: ELQ-67361-1
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OFFSET MATCH and Data Validation Excel Model Template

Quick and easy to use 2-tab Excel template for OFFSET MATCH and data validation.

This model will help you to use OFFSET, MATCH and data validation functions in Excel.

By using this model with the guide of the Youtube tutorials, you will learn how to put all of these useful Excel functions into practice.

This model has 3 key lessons, showing you how to:

- Integrate scenarios into financial models
- Build a drop down menu in Excel using data validation
- Connect the drop down menu to the scenario analysis using the OFFSET and Match functions.

As such, this Excel and video tool will help you to hone your own Excel modeling skills, allowing you to become an even better financial modeler.

The model's 2 tabs allow you to see how the empty and filled out versions of the worksheet look, so as to better understand the processes.

The key difference between these two versions is the inclusion of a drop down menu which allows the user to select different scenarios such as best case, base case and weak case. Using this model in tandem with the Youtube tutorials will give you the requisite skills to go and make advanced financial models.

This training model will teach you how o use assumptions and create forecasts based on different scenarios within Excel and how to excecute these different scenario forecasts succinctly in Excel.

This Best Practice includes
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