• Building a Marketplace Business
  • Building a Marketplace Business
  • Building a Marketplace Business
  • Building a Marketplace Business
Originally published: 12/01/2018 14:16
Last version published: 02/03/2018 15:32
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Building a Marketplace Business

Eren Bali, Co-Founder & Chairman of Udemy, gives a talk on building a marketplace business.

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Drawing on personal experience and knowledge acquired from working at Udemy, Eren Bali aims to explain how to start a marketplace business. This video is from an Echelon 2014 conference, so aware of his entrepreneurial audience, Eren seeks to share some best practices for building your own marketplace business.

Using an informative powerpoint including diagrams, Eren provides valuable tactics and advice on marketplaces using well known examples like his own business- Udemy, and Uber.

Watch this video if you would like to draw on the knowledge of an industry expert to help you start your own marketplace business.

Length: 26 minutes 32 seconds

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