VC Valuation Methods Excel Model with sensitivity

An Excel Model outlining different Startup Early Stage VC Valuation Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative).

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Naturally, startup investments are positioned in the high risk/high reward asset class. Hence, logic says that it is key to maximize your profit potential while investing in a startup.

Hence, there is "a math" investors use to get profit off their investments. This means you have to captivate how company valuations change with time and how this may affect your investment.

Hence, to show the different ways startups are valued, the following excel template has been made. There are multiple methodologies on each sheet.

They are the following:

1. VC method
2. VC method with sensitivity
3. Scorecard Model
4. Berkus method
5. Multiples Approach

Lastly, there is also a helpful resources tab where you can get some extra support.

If you have any questions on the methodologies, feel free to comment on the discussion feed below.

-David & OurCrowd

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