How to increase your Best Practice Sales/Downloads on Eloquens
Originally published: 03/05/2022 08:45
Last version published: 24/08/2022 13:36
Publication number: ELQ-98940-3
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How to increase your Best Practice Sales/Downloads on Eloquens

A Best Practice designed to show you tried and tested strategies for increasing your Eloquens sales/downloads as well as how to successfully implement them.

This Best Practice aims to provide each user with a tailor-made, long term plan for increasing their downloads/sales. We have outlined a 4 step method that will take you from not knowing the changes you need to make to boost your downloads/sales to knowing exactly which strategies you need to implement and when you will put them into action, doing so in a way that is compatible with your schedule, no matter how busy.

The strategies we have provided are numerous. They all vary largely in type and the amount of time they take to implement meaning irregardless of your capabilities and the amount of time you're willing to commit to increasing your sales, there are useful strategies for any and every author in this Best Practice.

The Best Practise will take you through this 4 step method for creating a long-term, sales increasing plan. Starting with Step 1: IDENTIFY, we will display all the different strategies that one could possibly implement to increase sales and show you how to identify which ones will be of use to you. Next we will move on to Step 2: RECORD. Here we will provide 2 differing methods for recording these newly chosen strategies in a way that is clear and organised. Then we will move on to Step 3: PRIORITISE, in which we will show you how to order your strategies, starting with the ones that are most worthwhile to implement (easiest to do and most effective at increasing sales). Finally we have Step 4: DO, where will give you advice as to how you can go about realising these strategies depending on how much time you are willing to dedicate to this sales augmenting mission.

We know how hard it is to maintain a consistently high level of sales and it is with this Best Practice we aim to help you do so. Once you have made your long-term plan, full of different strategies to implement overtime, the frequency of 'sales dry patches' should decrease and when they do arise (which they always do) you will feel less helpless thanks to your larger arsenal of sales increasing strategies, ready and waiting to be deployed.

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Further information

- Provide authors with strategies that are proven to increase sales/downloads.
- Help them create a long term plan for increasing their sales so they can sustain a good level of consistent sales for a long time.

- If you are an Eloquens author looking to boost your sales or downloads on Eloquens.
- If you feel the intervals at which your Best Practice(s) sell are too inconsistent.

- If you are not an author and have no plans of becoming one.
- If you have an author account but don't intend on uploading any Best Practices.
- If your sales are already as good as they can be.
- If you have literally have no time to commit to increasing your sales.

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