3rd Party Logistic Company ALL-IN-ONE Integrated Valuation Model
Originally published: 25/08/2022 15:14
Publication number: ELQ-75812-1
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3rd Party Logistic Company ALL-IN-ONE Integrated Valuation Model

This model provides an ALL-IN-ONE Integrated 5-year valuation model for a 3rd Party Logistic business.

After the Covid-19, online shopping has become everyone´s routine. Currently even our grandparents could complete the online purchase by simply clicking, dragging and paying with their smart phone and apps.
Consequently the 3rd party logistic business has dramatically developed during these two years. M&A , PE /VC deals have increasingly focused on this area in their pipelines.
3rd Party Logistic business greatly improves the efficiency of the fulfillments of the E-commerce since its highly integrated and coverage service chain from goods storage, stock management to delivery service. Thanks to its high capacity of transportation, the fulfillments could be satisfied within 24 hours after order placed and it greatly improved the customers shopping experience.
This model provides an ALL-IN-ONE Integrated 5-year valuation model for a 3rd Party Logistic business demonstrating its financial performance, profitability and DCF valuation result.
This model will provide users a comprehensive analysis on the 3rd Party Logistic business from the financial perspective which will be certainly helpful for investors and entrepreneurs’ decision making.
The model has been established based on one-sheet style practice which let users easily follow the model structure and switch in different labels without need of jumping off between several sheets.
Following the best practice of modeling, the model includes three parts “Assumptions/Inputs”, “Financial Statements” and “Analysis”.
The 1st part includes the labels “General Assumptions”, “Financing”, “Scenarios” and “Operation Assumptions” where all the inputs of model are established.
The 2nd part includes labels “Profit & Loss”, “Balance sheet” and “Cash Flow” where we performed the forecast of three financial statements for the five-year period based on the inputs of the 1st part.
The 3rd part is the DCF valuation and KPI ratios analysis which the labels “DCF analysis”, “Sensitivity analysis” and “KPI ratios” where users can find the economic feasibility and returns of the business by its valuation and key financial indicators.
In order to add more valuable to this work, we also made an illustration of the how 3rd Party Logistic business works in sheet “Instruction”. In addition, we also explained the details of the revenue sources and the forecast logic in the same sheet.
The model is completely customizable and dynamic. All inputs in color BLUE could be modify according to users’ real cases.
The scenarios also help users to learn the business performance in different circumstances.
The model is an ALL-IN-ONE Integrated financial model which will be definitely a helpful tool for investment project analysis and decision-making purpose.
The template is greatly user-friendly either for professional analysts or for users with little experience of financial modeling since its simply design pattern and easy to follow logic.
To guarantee the users satisfaction, the model does not place any complicated formulas or VBA code. The structure and content have been created following the Best Financial Modeling Principles and considering the high level of flexibility and user-friendly in priority.
Please feel no hesitate to contact us if you experience any problem when using the models provided.
In addition, if you need a customized model for your specific business, please just let us know and we would be happy to help you with this.
Model Structure
1. “TOC” – Table of content and descriptions
2. “Model” – Assumptions, Scenarios, calculations, and outputs
3. “Instruction” – Model forecast logic explanation

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