Atlantic - Crypto Data Downloader

Atlantic Crypto Downloader App helps you download data from the Yahoo finance server.

Atlantic is a desktop application built in python. The aim is to help you provide live data for your analysis.

It helps you to download historical price data of choice of your currency pair in seconds.
The source of this data is Yahoo Finance, so any currency in Yahoo Finance will be available to download. The information will be saved in a newly created folder in c drive name “atlantic” and file name data.csv

The data will provide information by date for
1. open,
2. high,
3. low,
4. close,
5. adjusted close and
6. volume

Please use the symbol in a format as in yahoo finance, which usually uses a hyphen /dash(-) separator.

Type your selected date range in YYYY-MM-DD format (four-digit years, such as 2022, followed by two digits month, for example, March as 03 and day in two digits, such as 07 or 11).
Please refer walkthrough video that helps you understand how to use the app.

The source data is from yahoo finance using Python libraries, so the author of the application cannot guarantee the integrity of the data. Therefore make additional due diligence before making any investment decisions.
Application is built in Windows environment and tested for fair use, therefore cannot guarantee neither class platform uses in other systems such as Mac or Linux etc. nor for Microsoft Windows environment. The author will not accept any liability or claim whatsoever in relation to the application.

This Best Practice includes
1 Zip Setup file

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Further information

The aim is to help ease access to the data.

Windows Environment, Stable Internet Speed, Python Libraries availability.

No Internet condition
Not test for another operating system such as Linux or Mac.
Issues with Yahoo Finance API

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