Porter's Strategy Templates Bundle
Originally published: 23/08/2022 16:21
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Porter's Strategy Templates Bundle

The bundle of 4 PowerPoint templates of Prof. Michael E. Porter's most popular frameworks for business analysts, MBA students and Strategy Consultants to use.

Prof. Michael E. Porter (Harvard Business School) is a world renowned academic famous for his contributions and theories in economics and business strategy (in particular competitive strategy). He was also one of the founding partners in 1983 of Strategy Consulting firm Monitor Group (acquired by Deloitte in 2013).

His most famous framework is undenyably the "Five Forces Analysis", amongst dozens of other publications and more than 20 books.

PORTER's frameworks and theories are tought in all major Business Schools and MBAs all accross the globe and have been sources of inspiration for many other academics and for the "Strategy" practice over the last 30 years. 

Their popularity led me to create 4 templates that can easily be used in case studies or in real-life business situations for executives and business analysts. You can find the list of the templates included in this bundle below:

Five Forces
Value Chain Analysis
Generic Strategies Matrix
Strategy Diamond

Additional Frameworks built by Prof. Michael E. PORTER will be added to this Bundle over time. You will be automatically notified each time a new framework is added.

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This Best Practice includes
4 PowerPoint Template Slides (with associated Excels) + 4 Step-By-Step Methodologies

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