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Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:22
Last version published: 10/11/2017 13:29
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Matrix Technology/ Markets

Show the value of disruptive technologies meeting specific markets

Employ a visual representation to show how innovative technology is meeting your markets.

On a matrix, identify your disruptive technologies and how you are using them in the different markets you have business projects/ companies or investments on.

Demonstrate how a combination of disruptive technologies on a given market can generate new business ideas. This slide is a mean to give a clear and simple idea of how your market/technology combinations can be a source of value creation.

This business tool includes
1 Powerpoint Model Slide, 1 Online Methodology

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Show that disruptive technologies are at the crossroads of the markets you have business projects/ companies/ investments on, and that their combination is a source of innovation.

Use in:

• Strategic plans
• Market studies
• Corporate presentations
• Business plans
• Investor presentations

Main sources:
• Existing reliable market studies (Markess, Xerfi, Reuters, MarketResearch, HBR, McKinsey…)
• Your own knowledge of your and your target's business and market
• Your own vision and strategy

• You want to indicate potential business growth or a successful concept based on a thought-out strategy
• You want to highlight 4 to 5 key technologies that will drive your future growth
• You want to breakdown combinations into understandable concepts and outputs
• You want a visual representation of your technology strategy
• You want a clear and inspiring layout with no superfluous information

• You have more than 4 to 5 key technologies/markets you want to display
• You wish to describe your technologies and markets at length and with extra detail
• Your business/ investments/ projects are not determined by technology
• You want to give a more financial/numerical explanation to your use of technology in specific markets



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