Calculate Needed Sales Excel Model
Originally published: 08/02/2018 14:26
Last version published: 16/02/2018 09:35
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Calculate Needed Sales Excel Model

In no time at all, you will experience how to run a startup. Type in 5 figures in a spreadsheet and experience reality.

“Calculate needed sales” is a spreadsheet with 5 columns that needs to be filled in. Once filled in, it calculates your startup budget and and how many items or hours you need in sell in order to reach your income goal.

Coming from a status as a person that receives a monthly pay, it gives you a clear understanding of being an entrepreneur.

It shows your business idea in a practical day-to-day light.

It helps you be innovative. If the result from the calculation does not suit you, you have to find new ways of organizing your new business.

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Further information

Eye-opening application on what is needed to run a business.

You will be able to evaluate if you are on the right track for your new business.

You will get a rough estimate of your first operating budget.

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