Eloquens.com Sales Price based Revenue Model (Author or Affiliate)
Originally published: 26/04/2021 11:24
Last version published: 13/09/2021 14:40
Publication number: ELQ-43479-2
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Eloquens.com Sales Price based Revenue Model (Author or Affiliate)

Eloquens revenue module based on sales price, downloadable in Microsoft Excel.

This downloadable is an excel file model.

This model will help you know the net revenue you generate on Eloquens (as an affiliate and as an author) based on the sales price. Based on this price you set on Eloquens, you can generate net revenue either directly through direct sales or indirectly through an affiliate link if you set up affiliation for your products. Both cases have been implemented in this model.

This model is divided into three sections :
- Inputs: Assumption that is either you to change (user inputs) or are part of Eloquens agreement (Eloquens inputs)
- Summary (give you the main results in one glance)
- Details (here are the calculations)

The model is already ready to use all you need to modify is the sales price per product in Line 7. You can have here 4 products but as long as you copy-paste the product columns you can have unlimited products.

The pricing scheme was based on the Eloquens agreement but this model is not an official tool. This model will give you a good proxy as it is right now if not the exact revenue.

You are more than welcome if you can think of an additional tool, I can make to help you on this wonderful platform!

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Further information

Find the net revenue based on the gross sales price on Eloquens for both affiliate and author

Knowing in advance your gross price

Works on Eloquens platform
Must know your gross price

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