How to manage consulting projects fast & efficiently – Practical guide
Originally published: 16/02/2021 14:05
Publication number: ELQ-47960-1
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How to manage consulting projects fast & efficiently – Practical guide

Practical guide to download on managing consulting projects.

Regular consultants want to finish projects on time according to agreed deadlines. The great consultant prefers to have it almost ready in half of the agreed time. On top of that, he delivers an outstanding quality much higher than the rest. Seems like a bit of a contradiction? Let’s see how it can be done and not by chance but by design.
In the presentation, you will see a few rules that will help you efficiently manage consulting projects. We will give you tips on each and every phase. Thanks to this presentation you will learn:
1. How to prepare for the project to make your customer and your team happy as well to finish the project much earlier than your competitors
2. How to create value for your customer
3. How to deliver the project within the budget and way ahead of deadlines
4. How to execute the project without having to work 7 days a week 15 hours a day
5. How to over-deliver and get buy-in from your customer
6. How to build a strong foundation for future projects
7. What tools to use
8. How to be efficient as a team

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